Episode 001 | Eric LaForest | Finch Hands – A Waterworld Discussion

Welcome to launch day and the first official episode of Psychosocial Cinema! Here are some shownotes for you to peruse for a wet and wild discussion of one of Hollywood’s greatest oddities: Waterworld!

  • Eric LaForest / Porcelain Backsplash – The mastermind behind my show’s intro music and sound palete. Here we learn some back story on Eric’s love for cinema and Waterworld. 
  • Next, we discuss how, if it is even possible, to dissect Waterworld and make sense of it in modern times. Does Waterworld actually parallel modern day events…..did it predict Global Warming!?!
  • We round out the show by talking about some memories we have of the film along with a pretty dope detour in the concept of human mutations (super powers) and how Kevin Costner’s “The Mariner” character served as a jumpstart for some pretty imaginative thoughts back in the day. 

Now, what would an initial episode be without some gnarly shout outs:

Eric’s wife, Amanda (AKA The Peach Moon), plays a pretty cool role in helping young ladies in St. Pete who attend this camp to learn some awesome skills, both musical and Intra / Interpersonally speaking.

Our launch party is being / was held at this gnarly screening room where a showing of The Rocketeer took place in honor of this podcast’s launch. The best part of this screening room is their movie-themed menu and drink selection that compliment whatever flick they showcase. Most recently we saw ROBOCOP and I enjoyed a Robo-Shot; it was delicious. Thank you Gigglewaters for being a part of Girls Rock Camp’s silent auction, we were more than happy to donate to their efforts and secure this private screening. 

Please connect with the show in-between episodes on these social media platforms:

Finally, I am utilizing the wonderful platform that is PATREON for fans of the show to subscribe to the podcast at different tiers of entry; we would greatly appreciate your time and consideration in making the production process for this show a sustainable reality:

If you would like to buy a copy of the extended cut of Waterworld, produced by Arrow Video, here is an affiliate link to Amazon where you can secure a copy; disclaimer the podcast will receive a tiny portion of this purchase to help fund the show’s production costs.

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