Episode 004 | Steven Biscotti | HOPE – A Man of Steel Discussion

Welcome to episode 004 of Pscyhosocial Cinema! In our first episode for the month of November I chat with Steven Biscotti about a character who is near and dear to the both of us, Superman. 

As a character Superman spans generations, both animated, live action, serialized, you name it! My guest this week is a bit of an authority on this character and it is an honor to sit down with someone who is passionate not only about the hero in question, but more so what Superman’s legacy on film represents, hope. 

Steven and I have a candid conversation about the film, Man of Steel, and why it is so important to the both of us. Often times I have found myself wondering why this incarnation of Superman did not land well with audiences, but at the end of the day, regardless of mass appeal, it is this movie’s central them of “hope” that has stuck with the two of us all these years later. 

Sit back and relax as Steven and I sail across an ocean of stars to hone in on why Man of Steel sticks the landing. As always, it is my hope that anyone who takes the time to listen finds some enjoyment and respite. 

Here are links to Steven’s various works at these locations:

Universal Monsters Universe: http://www.universalmonstersuniverse.com/

The Saturday Morning Superman Show: https://saturdaymorningsupermanshow.podbean.com/

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