Episode 005 | Kristin and Geoff | FORCE OF NATURE – The First Star Wars Discussion

Welcome to episode 005 of Pscyhosocial Cinema! In, possibly our only, episode for the month of December I chat with two good friends of mine, Kristin and Geoff Sholler, about a film series that is dear, and divisive to us all, STAR WARS!

As we approach this week’s release of the final chapter in the Skywalker Saga, what better time to discuss the impact these films have had on us. Join us for another rousing discussion where we tap into how to navigate this fandom, social media boundaries, and how to hold true to what you enjoy, even when it may not be the cool thing to do. As always, this podcast is a safe place to discuss films and I realize that the Sequel Trilogy garners a lot of different responses. You are allowed to enjoy these films, you are allowed to not like them. All I ask is respect for varying opinions and having an open dialogue versus a closed one when it comes to how we choose to enjoy Star Wars as a whole. 

Somewhat joking / serious tone aside, this week’s episode was a fun one to record and I hope you all enjoy it leading up to your screening of The Rise of Skywalker this weekend!

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