Episode 006 | Steven Biscotti | DOES THAT COMPUTE? – The Alien Resurrection Discussion

Welcome to episode 006 of Psychosocial Cinema! In our first episode for the month of January, in our new year of 2020, I welcome back a fellow friend and guest of the show, Steven Biscotti! Together, we tackle one of our favorite franchises, the Alien Legacy series of films!

More specifically, Alien Resurrection, as both Steven and I are very big fans of this particular entry in the series, flaws and all, and do our best to tackle some of the themes that may have been overlooked at the time of its release while also diving into why newer fans are connecting with the film in ways audiences did not back in 1997.

Strap in, you’re now a crew member of The Betty, do you dare to listen to the entirety of this episode? Whelp, only you can answer that question, and if you have made it this far, congrats, I love you and the time you’re taking to support this show.

Mental Health themes that are touched upon in this episode: Generational trauma and symptoms related to a Dx of PTSD. Later on in the episode, Piaget’s four stages of cognitive development for children are briefly touched upon as we discuss the newborn / Alien hybrid creature featured at the end of Resurrection. 

Heavier topics of death / suicide are briefly touched upon as well as it pertains to an overarching theme found within the Alien legacy of films. Nothing too heavy here, but, a warning is always warranted.  

Without further ado, enjoy episode 006: Does That Compute? – The ALIEN RESURRECTION Discussion!

In this episode I was able to pull some fun facts from an article I found for Alien Resurrection here:

Along with some cool toy facts about the film from a Youtube video detailing the Hx of Kenner / Hasbro Alien-related figures here:


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