Episode 007 | Adam Corcovilos | Three Times The Production Troubles! – The Alien 3 Discussion

Welcome to episode 007, for the first episode of February I sit down with fellow friend / podcaster, Adam Corcovilos, from the show, Cinemadness: The Podcast! Together, we story our history in trying to watch the film ALIEN 3, and now, as adults, we will story our memories and regale you, the audience, with some fun, and depending on how much you love this series, maddening tidbits about the film’s troubled production! This may have been director David Fincher’s first theatrical release, but there is something undeniably alluring about the film ALIEN 3. 

This episode contains adult language / themes surrounding the film’s narrative and is definitely not intended for younger audience members; parents, use some caution if you have seen this film. To that end, the subject of suicide comes up again as it pertains to the heroine, Ellen Ripley, along with some brief discussions on the rapid loss of loved ones. Alien 3 is not the happiest of films, and without going into too much here, it is clear that this film had a lot stacked against it in order to bring about something fresh for the ongoing franchise. 

Without further ado, welcome to episode 007 “Three Times The Production Troubles – The ALIEN 3 Discussion”!

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